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Breakouts and Workshops

Working Together

Leadership Development Series

This powerful series is an interactive and critical development program for new and seasoned managers to align expectations, improve accountability, positively impact engagement, and increase leadership capacity.


Leadership Bootcamp

An immersive program provides baseline legal precautions, management 101, actionable tips to managing people, and alignment of "what does it mean to lead here."


Being Human through

Connected Leadership

What is the purpose of leadership if we don't connect with the humans who report to us? Let's connect to have a meaningful impact on others. It's tough, but let's learn together.

Police Officer

How to Lead through Conflict using Emotional Intelligence

Go deep into understanding the birth of conflict and using leadership and emotional intelligence to get through it and make it a learning opportunity for everyone.

Team Meeting

Transition from Friend to Manager

It's not easy...or is it?? We'll explore the relationship as a starting point and uncover natural techniques to be highly effective in transitioning into a manager. It's important for any organization to provide the tools as a catalyst for success.

Young People - Meeting With Computers

Re-recruit Existing Staff through Motivation

We spend a lot of effort wooing candidates, but this energy diminishes to about nothing once someone becomes an employee. We can change that phenomenon through training.

Support Group

Newly Formed Team? Understand Motivators & Drivers

When new teams form - understanding employee personas, motivators, and drivers early on will pay dividends.

Zebra Crossing

How People Ops Shows up in an Agile Organization

Learn how the broad impact of people operations needs to evolve within an agile organization. This is beyond the typical HR discipline and includes how leadership needs to adapt.

Informative Interview

Highly Effective Interview Teams

This invaluable session offers interview team training - interviewing etiquette, the do's and don'ts, and behavioral-based interview techniques. 


Couple this with consulting to build or augment your Talent Acquisition program

Diversity Students

Wake-up to Unconscious Bias

A powerful and interactive program that brings unconscious bias to the conscious mind. Lots of aha moments. This is the beginning of your diversity and inclusion journey.

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