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Image by Clark Tibbs

Everything Pins to Leadership

Make no mistake about it - Everything Pins to Leadership. Teams take on the characteristics of their leaders. True leaders have the courage to peel back the many layers of complexity to reach a higher degree of understanding, empathy, and success. Success and failure rest on the shoulder of our leaders.

Image by Ian Schneider

Get Motivated

It's your choice -- no one else's

It's time -- now is the time to get and remain motivated. It's a choice you make every moment of our lives. However, humility and agility are required to keep balanced. 

Similing Team

Experience the Freedom of Personal Responsibility

Achieving heightened awareness of personal responsibility leads to ultimate freedom. We tend to surrender our power to people and things outside our circle of control. We get sucked into the addiction of negativity and place blame at the feet of others. 

Image by sydney Rae

Poof - I'm a Manager

What the hell am I doing?

Most managers fail because they are not given the tools, direction, or encouragement. People are complex and managers need a path to success - or we fail them and our organization. Everything Pins to Leadership and we have an obligation to those we have placed in roles to managers others. And some managers have been asking "what am I doing" for years.

Image by Icons8 Team

Why do People Hate HR?

It's true most people dread HR because they have been groomed to find a false sense of power in all the wrong areas. We are here to grow and scale our businesses - now let's act like it.

Image by Headway

People Ops with an Agile Mindset

There is little debate that most organizations are becoming more nimble and teams form to work towards specific outcomes. How does HR (People Ops), and leadership more broadly, adapt to this shift from the hierarchy, command-and-control, top-down, and siloed structures to operating and leading organisms that are adapting, flexing, working within ambiguity, and highly cross-functional.

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